Cox Green is a Parish on the outskirts of Maidenhead, Cox Green are producing a subset of the Maidenhead and Cox Green local plan.

You will have read and seen comment on the Borough Local Plan (BLP) which was prepared by the council for comment on by local residents. The BLP is a wide ranging document which concentrates largely on Land Use and where housing should or could be located.

Our version of this will be the Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan which will be incoporated into the overall Maidenhead and Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan.  This is a large undertaking for a group of volunteers, for this reason we going to ask you to participate in the development of the Cox Green part of this.

Over the coming months we are having meetings locally to get your input into these ideas, plans and finally a 15 year plan for Maidenhead and Cox Green.

We need your comments and Input, on this website we have a Forum and pages which raise questions where you will be able to make your own comments or in the Forums read other peoples ideas and comments. To be able to do this you must register on the website, we will then send to your email address a confirmation of your registration, once you have this you complete your registration process by requesting a password by using the lost/forgotten password link at the top of this page.