Conservation Area
 Conservation Area (This is now proposed to be an "Area of Significant character." See note at the back of this draft document.

The  proposed Conservation area is centred around Brill Green, given to residents by the Brill family as a public open space and regularly used over the years for village celebrations and events. (May Day Fair's , Millennium, Royal Wedding & Queen's Jubilee). Several properties front onto Brill Green, including Brill House, which is Sheltered Housing built on land given by the Brill Family under covenant to RBWM.  


"The Corporation hereby further covenants not to erect upon the
land hereby conveyed any buildings or structures other than
dwellings for old persons with all necessary outbuildings nor to
use the land hereby conveyed for any other purpose unless the
previous written consent of the Vendor or her successors in title
shall have been obtained and in any event no building or structure
shall at any time be erected on the land hereby conveyed of a
greater height than two storeys and any such building or structure
shall be used for residential purposes only"


Other properties facing the green are of varying sizes which reflect a characteristic of much of the Conservation Area which is a mix of small cottage properties and large houses in extensive grounds. 

To the west the area on the north side of Cox Green Lane, includes Homer Farm & Beehive Manor both formerly residences of the Brill family and Sycamore Close built on land formerly farmed by the Brills and then on to Orchard Lea. 

 Also to the west the area covers the south side of Cox Green Lane, from Ashley at its furthest point down to Spring Corner on the corner of Cox Green Lane and Cox Green Road. 

To the north the area covers the whole of the east side of Lock Lane. (The west side of the Lane is taken up by the back gardens of part of the Stratford Gardens development).

 From Brill Green to the East, the area continues along the north side of Cox Green Lane from Old Barn Cottage to The Foresters public House on the corner of Cox Green Lane and Cox Green Road.

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